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攝影對我來說,是一個生活的旅程,一直在伴隨著我。當我1993年還在上學時,賣了第一個相機 (Canon Point & Shoot,傻瓜相機). 當時的相機是帶膠片的。在我所提交的作品中,就有一張是用這相機在Key West拍的。
攝影把我帶進了一個新的世界。憑著外界與內心的感覺照相,讓自己的感覺觸摸這世界。從拍膠卷,反轉片,到數碼片, 我經歷了攝影的一個換代。我的相機也更還了不少,從Nikon N80, Canon 20D 到 Canon5D MarkII。攝影一直伴隨我,不管是春暖花開,還是瑞雪飛飄;不管是去遊覽名勝,還是去探險。去遠足,去登山,去滑雪, 去海釣,相機總會帶在身上。和其它興趣一樣,我對攝影也是無師自通, 只上過兩門課。很多都是看說明書,嘗試,學別人經驗而得到的。


To me, photography is part of the journey in my life. I remember when I bought my first camera was in 1993. It was a Canon Point & Shoot film camera. The camera was loaded film. You can find one photo which I used the camera to take in Key West from the listing.

Photography brought me into a new world. It explains how I feel about this world, how my eyes and mind to touch the subject. From taking film, reversal film to digital photos, I experienced the era change in photography. I also switched my gears from time to time: Nikon N80, Canon 20D, to Canon 5D Mark II. Photography is my companion. Despite it is a season of flower blooming or snow flying; despite to take scenic tour or to explore a new place. To trek, to climb, to ski, to deep-fishing, my camera is always with me. Similar to other interest, I am self-taught in photography. I only took two courses in college. I learn mostly from reading manual, experiment and other people.

I set up a website for my photographs and it is still in the process of building up. When you have a time, please stop by and leave me a comment: Thank you!


    • Canon 5D MarkII, Canon 24-105mm f/4; Canon 17-40mm f/4; 50mm f/1.4; Sigma 150-600mm F/5.0-6.3


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