Beginners Photoshop Class 2017


This is a beginner class for photographers who have no or little experience with editing photos using Photoshop. The class will focus on key concepts and practical skills for photo adjustments.

Instructor: Daryl Luk
Date: 9/30/2017 Saturday and 10/1/2017 Sunday (9:00AM – 5:00PM, lunch provided)
Place: Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, 93 Worcester St., Wellesley, MA 02481
Fee: $149 per member or spouse, $199 per non-member
Sign up: please contact Feng Chai for registration AND fill out the form here.

To make the most out of this class, you will have to bring your computer and follow the steps taught in the class. Your laptop computer must have Photoshop already installed in it. If you subscribe to Photoshop, it will be only $9.99 / month. There is a one- month trial license you can subscribe. Visit the following link to buy or try the free trial:

In the two full-day course, we plan to cover all of the following topics. We will also allocate time for the students to practice on sample photos and ask questions.

before after
Before post processing After post processing

Day 1

Basic concepts: 2 hours

  • What is the basic user interface in Photoshop and ACR?
  • What are the most used tools such as crop, brush, stamp, selection tool etc?
  • What is a layer?
  • What is a layer mask?
  • What is histogram?
  • What are filters?

Basic operations: 2 hours

  • How to crop and resize a photo?
  • How to transform and straighten a photo?
  • How to use different ways to sharpen a photo?
  • How to use different ways to create vignette effect?
  • How to add watermark signature in your photo?
  • How to clean up photo dirt spots?
  • How to cut out or remove objects from a photo?

Contrast: 1 hour

  • How to adjust a photo to balance its contrast?
  • How to use different ways to add dodge and burn?
  • How to create a low-key photo?
  • How to create a high-key photo?

Practice and question: the rest of the day

Day 2

Color: 2 hours

  • What are complimentary colors?
  • How to use different ways to change color tone
  • How to create the Instagram effect?
  • How to create dreamy effect?
  • How to create soft sunlight?
  • How to make vivid colors?

Black and White: 2 hours

  • How to use different ways to create black and white images?
  • How to create black and white image mixed with some colors?
  • How to create split tone images?
  • How to reduce noise?

Portrait: 2 hours

  • How to whiten teeth?
  • How to smooth skin tone?
  • How to remove wrinkle and blemishes?
  • How to increase eye contrast?
  • How to slim a body?

Practice and question: the rest of the day

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