Asian Health Photo Contest Winners

Asian Health Photo Contest is organized by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Boston Chinese Photography Association. The following are the winners of the Asian Health Photo Contest. The details of the contest can be found here.


There are 3 categories of awards:

  1. The most popular 最受欢迎奖
  2. The best story telling 最有故事性奖
  3. The most creative 最有创意奖

Category 1: The Most Popular

The Most Popular Photo First Place Winner:
Rainbow Angel 彩虹天使
Photographer: Bo Yang

The Most Popular Photo Second Place Winner:
Balance of Life 太极阴阳
Photographer: Daryl Luk

The Most Popular Photo Third Place Winner
There is No Path to Happiness, Happiness is the Path 人生最曼妙的风景是内心的淡定与从容
Photographer: Feng Chai

Category 2: The Best Story Telling

The Best Story Telling Photo First Place Winner
The Pianist 钢琴演奏者
Photographer: Jie Yan

The Best Story Telling Photo Second Place Winner
Happiness 幸福
Photographer: Fen Fang Mei

The Best Story Telling Photo Third Place Winner
Rely Upon 老有所依
Photographer: Daniel Tu

Category 3: The Most Creative

The Most Creative Photo First Place Winner

Art of Chinese Sword 舞剑动四方
Photographer: Mingwei Li

The Most Creative Photo Second Place Winner
Tea and Zen 雲水禅心
Photographer: Bo Yang

The Most Creative Photo Third Place Winner
Wilderness Yoga 天地瑜伽
Photographer: Monica Tong

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