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The idea of this collection is to demonstrate the wonderful work the photographers of Boston Chinese Photography Association (BCPA) have done in 2018. From landscape to street photography, from wildlife to portrait, those images not only capture the beautiful moment, but also show the great passion.

The “Favorite Photos of 2018” initiative is to collect and share our members’ favorite photos taken in 2018. Each participating member selects 1 or 2 photos from their 2018 collection to share. This portfolio showcases a total of 90 photos from 40 members.

BCPA was established in August 2009. It is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving its members in the greater Boston area. Our mission is to create a platform for our members to promote interest in photography, improve photography techniques, enhance artistic expression and art appreciation. We host regular activities that include lectures, technical seminars, special topic photography, studio photography, travel and outdoor photography. We welcome members regardless of age, gender, experience, or equipment.

Photographer:  Hui Wang
Photo title: Bug’s Life
Time and location: 2018/06/01 Greater Boston MA 
Description:Was trying to shoot an iris flower. The ant on the flower caught my eyes instead. Its body is like a chain of glass beans, so delicate. 
(Gala 展出)
Photographer : Hui Wang
Photo title:鹤发童心
Time and location:2018/07/30 Greater Boston MA 
It was a sunny day of July 2018. A senior couple holding each other’s hand walked on to the deck where I was shooting the blooming lotus at a conservation land. The lady was wearing all white from head to toe, the only color was the vivid decorating flowers on her hat. When she was adjusting her hat for a photo shoot from her darling hubby, I took this shot. The color of the flowers, the color of her hair,plus the color of her hand made such contrast on her longevity and her content with the life. Under the sun, at a quiet pond, surrounded with fresh lotus, they were very much in a placid mood. I admire this lovely couple. 
Photographer: Alan田磊
Photo title: 梦莲湖日出
Time : 7/4/2018
location:   Moraine Lake, Banff, Canada
(Gala 展出)
Photographer: Alan田磊
Photo title: 龙舞
Time : 2/10/2018
location:  Westford, MA, USA
Photographer: Daryl Luk 陸德禮
Photo title:人間仙境  
Time April 30, 2018
location:  The Chapel Vitaleta, Italy
(Gala 展出)
Photographer: Daryl Luk 陸德禮
Photo title:The moment we connected
Time :May 6, 2018
location:  Volterra, Italy
Photographer:  Grace Zuo (左红)
Photo title:万水千山总是情
Time 2018/10
location:  冰岛
Description 用长焦拍摄的这幅真实的大地河流图却像一幅令人目眩神迷的抽象画 (Gala 展出)
Photographer:  Grace Zuo(左红)
Photo title: 谁持彩练当空舞
Time : 2018/10
location:  冰岛
Description 航拍的这幅大河归海图没有一点剪裁,看来在空中航拍也是能精准构图的 (Gala 展出)
Photographer: Sam Song
Photo title: 舞之灵
Time :2018-7-4
(Gala 展出)

Photographer: Sam Song
Photo title:谁持彩虹当空舞?
Time: 2018-1-28
Photographer: 单东旭
Photo title: 手风琴手
Time : 2018/02/24
(Gala 展出)
Photographer: 单东旭
Photo title: 宗教与现代
Time : 2018/09/02
location::New York City, NY.
(Gala 展出)
Photographer: Ziming Zheng
Photo title: 秋日童话
Time : 202018/10/28
Location::Mill Pond, MA,USA
Description:女儿漫步在秋日的树林中 宛如穿行在童话世界
(Gala 展出)
Photographer: Monica Tong
Photo title:Hiker — Filling the dreams
Photo Issued: March, 9, 2018
Description:We hiked over 2 hours on Jökulsárlón Glacier to get two of the beautiful Ice Caves. Marveling at the force of the Mother Nature, it was like we stepped into the whole new World!
(Gala 展出)
Photographer: Monica Tong
Photo title:Happy Children in Himba Village
Photo Issued: May, 31, 2018 in Namibia, Africa
Description: One of our highlights of Namibia trip is visiting this small Himba village in Opowo.  It was a beautiful afternoon.  We were greeted by a group of children, surrounded by simple, original, loving family environment.
(Gala 展出)
Photographer: Feng Chai,
Photo title: Foggy Tuscany
Time : 2018/05/06
Location:   Tuscany, Italy
(Gala 展出)
Photographer: Feng Chai,
Photo title: Sunset at Chapel Vitaleta
Time : 2018/04/29,
Location:  Tuscany, Italy
Photographer: Cary Chu
Photo title: Winding road
Time : 11/3/2018
Location: Chickatawbut Rd, Milton
Description: Shot this early in the morning. 
(Gala 展出)
Photographer: Cary Chu
Photo title: Concentration
Time : 7/15/2018
Location: Rock Harbor, Orleans
Description: My friend was so concentrated in taking the sunset photos
Photographer: 官宏滔 Wang Tou Kun
Photo title: People In Mist
Time :2018/8/16
Location: Boston, MA
在波士頓MFA 外的The Fens 拍攝當時日本當代藝術家Fujiko Nakaya做的一個室外裝置藝術,以人工造霧來探討人與自然的關係,自然的美和人工的美.
(Gala 展出)
Photographer: 官宏滔 Wang Tou Kun
Photo title:Isolation 
Time :2018/7/13
Location: Coney Island, NY
在Coney Island拍攝午後海灘上的人們,有些獨身一人,有些小家庭或朋友兩三人,各自有各自的空間做著不同的事,互不打擾。作為攝影者,我認為每個人都有獨特的故事令照片很有趣味,耐看。
Photographer:  Mingwei Li
Photo title: Peregrine falcon
Time : 7/24/2018
Location:   Woburn, ma 
(Gala 展出)
Photographer:  Mingwei Li
Photo title: 晨雾下的哈尔施塔特教堂
Time : 10/6/2018
Location:    Hallstatt, Austria
(Gala 展出)
Photographer:  涂军
Photo title:波城冬雪
Time :2018/2/7
Location: Boston Common, MA,USA
Description: 一場突來的大雪罩住美國最老的公共公園
(Gala 展出)
Photographer:  涂军
Photo title:2018最後一天日出
Time :2018/12/31
Location: Hyannis, MA,USA
Description: 一年最後一次日出,舊年收翼,新年展翅
Photographer:  Joe Cheng,程宗伊
Title: A snow dog
(Gala 展出)
Photographer:   Joe Cheng,程宗伊
Photo title:  心心相映,对影成双。
Time 7/31/2018  9AM
Location:  Woburn,Horn Pond, MA
Photographer: 范智禮
Photo title:經風經雨半世紀,相敬相愛一貫情I
Time :2018/12/22
Photographer: 李雄伟 (伟度)
Photo title:美尾道来
Time :2018年7月23日
Location: 美国东海岸水域
Description: 日落时分在大洋海面追拍鲸鱼往往能获得冷暖对比生动有趣的画面
Photographer: 李雄伟 (伟度)
Photo title:瑶族耍歌堂
Time :2018/11/18
Location: 中国广东省连南瑶族自治县
Description: 簡單描述:每年一度瑶族耍歌堂节庆活动成为世界非物质遗产
Photographer: 刘宏宇
Photo title:冰之旋律
Time :2018.1.3.下午4:25
Location: 查尔斯河, 波士顿
Photographer: 刘宏宇
Photo title:秋趣
Time :2018.10.7 下午2:02
Location:Shirley Mills, ME
Description:  今年第一次前往缅因看红叶,在完成三天旅行后返程途中,经过一大片草坪,四周红叶环抱,停车后见这一家子在草地上追逐玩耍,突然爸爸发现了一个有趣的东西,三小孩乖乖地坐成一排,安静地学习,很有动静变化。
Photographer: 夏耘
Photo title:鸭戏落樱
Time :2018/4/12
Location:  Washington DC USA
Description:两只鸭子在潮汐湖缤纷的落樱中戏水,光影交错,色彩斑 斓,于是我用手机记录下这美好的画面。
Photographer: 夏耘
Photo title:草原晨曲
Time :2018/9/26
Location:  内蒙古赤峰草原
Photographer: Stanley Kwan
Photo title:雲海
Time :April 2018
Location:    中國武當山
Photographer: Stanley Kwan
Photo title:慢浪長江
Time :April 2018
Location:    中國長江
Photographer:  Lin Tong
Photo title:斜阳下的层峦叠嶂
Time : 2018年12月25日
Location:  Sequoia nation park, CA, USA
Description:在 Moro rock, 登高远眺, 面对无穷的大自然,深感人之渺小。
Photographer:  Lin Tong
Photo title:追逐秋叶
Time : 2018/11/9
Location:  Bikeway, Bedford, MA
Photographer: Maurice Chi
Photo title:Unfinished – 1
Time :9/4/2108
Location:  Banff, Alberta Canada
Description:A prolonged process of involuntary sculpting
Photographer: Maurice Chi
Photo title:Unfinished – 2
Time :9/3/2018
Location:  Banff, Alberta Canada
Description:A prolonged process of involuntary sculpting
Photographer: 闵乐
Photo title:风起云涌
Location:  巴塔哥尼亚,智利
Photographer: 闵乐
Photo title:风起云涌
Location:  冰岛黑沙滩
Photographer: Weibo Zhang
Photo title:時代廣場 Time Square
Time :2018/7/12
Location:  時代廣場,紐約,美國
Description: 代廣場上人群喧囂,突然銀幕上放出來一個中國的廣告
Photographer: Weibo Zhang
Photo title:觀音像 BuddhaU
Time :2018/2/21
Location:  B武漢,湖北,中國
Description: 歸元寺的青銅觀音像,天氣很陰,突然一束日光穿透了雲層
Photographer: Sheena Gu
Photo title:Raining Chicago
Time :April, 14 ,2018
Location: Downtown Chicago
Description:I took this shot when seeing a lots of cars stopped at traffic light on this raining weekend evening. 
Photographer: Sheena Gu
Photo title:Winter Lights at The Steven-Coolidge 
Time :Dec 7th 2018
Location: The Stevens-Coolidge Place, North Andover, MA
Description:Visited this beautiful winter lights event at ‘The Stevens-Coolidge’ . Stacking two pictures to make water fountain with holiday lights as a background.
Photographer: Ying Ping Yu
Photo title:Fortuitous meeting on the sea
Time :12/30/2018
Location:  Shipwreck’s Beach at Kauai (Hawaii)
Description:Big and strong waves were bringing two sports at  this moment.
Photographer: Ying Ping Yu
Photo title:Reading
Time :11/30/2018
Description:My 2 year old grandson was reading new books on the floor at home
Photographer: Yuying Feng
Photo title:Woods After Dusk 
Time :2018/10/20
Location: New Hampshire, USA
Photographer: Wendy SiTu 司徒文坤
Photo title:End of the Rainbow
Time :August  2 2018
Location: Concord  Ma
Photographer: Wendy SiTu 司徒文坤
Photo title:I am the favorite one
Time :May 11 2018
Location: Marlboro Ma
Mama’s back is my playground
I can climb up and slide down
I can ride on  and sleep in
It is a best place of all.
Photographer:  Lei Zhang (张磊)
Photo title: Want to escape , no way (还想逃,没门)
Time :12/11/2018
Location: Wakoadhatchee Wetlands
The great egret hunted one small fish. The fish was trying to escape from the bird’s mouse,  well, the bird’s eye opened up and was holding harder, it said:  Wants to escape, no way .
Photographer:  Lei Zhang (张磊)
Photo title:On fire (加油)I
Time :6/10/2018
Location: Boston Charles RiverM
Description:The picture was taken when I was watching “Dragon Boat Festival Competition 2018”. Every year, local America likes this kind of sports and Chinese culture. I could see the team leader was on fire to lead the team to fight for the winner. The passion is pretty impressive. 
Photographer:  勇梅
Photo title:秋色
Time :2018年10月
Location: NH,USA
Photographer:  勇梅
Photo title:大海的窗口
Time :2018年一月
Location: Cathedral Cove, New Zealand
Photographer:  张经纬
Photo title:腓尼基墙( Phoenician Wall  )
Time :2018/11/26
Location: Batroun, Lebanon (黎巴嫩)
Photographer:  张经纬
Photo title:魔都之晨(shanghai morning)
Time :2018/12/20
Location: 上海,中国 (Shanghai, China)
Photographer:  梅健民
Photo title:晨光曲
Time :2018/7/24
Location: Mt.Saint Helens  Oregon USA
Photographer:  梅健民
Photo title:风口浪花
Time :2018/7/20
Location: (Thor’s Well) Yachats Oregon USA
Photographer:  淡凯岚
Photo title:欢乐
Time :2018/9/30
Photographer:  淡凯岚
Photo title:不舍
Time :2018/10/25
Location: Wellesley
Photographer:  沈济 (Jim Shen ) 
Photo title:一鼓作气 
Time :2018/5/15
Location: 湘西苗寨 
Photographer:  叶启明
Photo title:深山教堂
Time : 09/27/2018
Location: Dolomite 意大利
Description:摄于秋日傍晚意大利多罗米蒂的 Funes Valley
Photographer:  叶启明
Photo title:断崖
Time :09/26/2018
Location: Dolomite 意大利
Photographer:  黄洁玲
Photo title:一路飞歌上学忙
Time : 09/16/2018 拂晓
Location: 德国新天鹅堡
Photographer:  Xiaomin Shao    
Photo title:天鹅之死
Time : 5/28/2018
Location: Woburn pond, MA, USA
Photographer:  Xiaomin Shao    
Photo title:毁与悟
Time : 10/4/2018
Location: West Berlin, Germany
Photographer:  石军
Photo title:不眠波士顿
Time : 2018年12月26日
Location:  Charles River near Brookline, MA
Photographer:  石军
Photo title:空寂的圣诞夜
Time : 2018年12月25日
Location:  Beacon Street, Boston MA
Photographer:  苏东灵
Photo title:静谧的精灵小岛
Time : 2018/8/28
Location:  Jasper National Park, Canada
Photographer:  苏东灵
Photo title:秋天的韵味
Time : 2018/10/19
Location:  Groton, MA
Photographer:  许虹/Hong Xu
Photo title:The New on the Old
Time : 2018/10/13
Location:  New York,NY, USA
Description:“Superimpose” is the essence of New York City: people vs architecture, old vs new, poverty vs wealth and so on…
Photographer:  许虹/Hong Xu
Photo title:愉悦/Joy
Time : 2018/2
Location:  Stongington, CT USN
Photographer:  胡枚
Photo title: 海港黄昏
Time : 2018/05/06
Location:  Orleans MA,USA
Photographer: 胡枚
Photo title: 猫鹰相惜
Time : 2018/06/17
Location:  Woburn, MA,USA
Photographer: 张奋
Photo title: 赶路
Time : 2018.10.08
Location:  科宁 NY USA
Photographer: 张奋
Photo title: 曲径通幽
Time : 2018.10.07
Location:  莱奇诺特州立公园 NY,USA
Photographer: John Zhuang 庄鹏
Photo title: Painted Barn (红色谷仓)
Time : 2018/5/28
Location:  Douglas, MA,USA
Description:Memorial Day参加一个退休会后,开车偶然经过一个农庄
Photographer: John Zhuang 庄鹏
Photo title: Pemaquid Point Lighthouse (半岛灯塔)
Time : 2018/8/8
Location:  Bristol, Maine,USA
Photographer:  Joan Xu 徐中
Photo title: 冰瀑
Time : 2018/03/09
Location:  Iceland 冰岛
Photographer:  Joan Xu 徐中
Photo title: Good Time
Time : 2018/05/06
Location:  Rhode Island 罗德岛
Photographer:  Yuanwen Liu
Photo title:Autumn Palette #1
Time :10/8/2018
Location:  White Mountain, NH
Description:Very foggy day in White Mountain. A little light peeked through heavy clouds, cast a little bit shadows to the scene and brought out some colors. a very surreal feeling with heavy fog in front and some lights from right above.  
Photographer:  Yuanwen Liu
Photo title:Autumn Palette #2
Time :11/3/2018
Location: Needham,MA
Description:noticed a small ditch collecting fall leaves when picked up kid from class. The leaves soaked in the shallow water for a while so stayed flat and aligned beautifully with each other as if someone purposely arranged them. 
Photographer:  Xu Zhu
Photo title:泛舟
Time :2018/06/10
Location: Boston, MA, USA
清晨的查尔斯湖,一叶小舟划过粼粼的湖面 (Early morning on Charles River, a solo kayak glides over the sparkling river)
Photographer:  Xu Zhu
Photo title :Lake Titicaca
Time :2018/12/26
Location: Puno, Peru
Description:Overlooking Lake Titicaca and seeking tranquil at Taquile Island (在提提喀喀湖中的塔吉利岛上远眺,感受内心的平静)
Photographer:  田夫
Photo title :划艇赛
Time :2018,10,22
Location: 波士顿. 美国
Photographer:  田夫
Photo title :骑师
Time :2018,10,30
Location:  上海 . 中国 
Photographer:  王雁
Photo title:天高烟水凝, 相思枫叶红
Time :2018/10/21
Location: Wellesley, MA, USA
Photographer:  Robert Chen  
Photo title:滿地鮮花的燈塔
Time :8-10-2018
Location: Portland light house
Photographer:  Robert Chen  
Photo title:奔駛中的秋色
Time :8-17-2018
Location:   North Conway NH
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