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Appreciation Photo Contest Submissions

Appreciation Photo Contest is organized by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Boston Chinese Photography Association. The following contains the photographs submissions. The photos are listed in the order of submission time.


The details of the contest can be found here.

01 You make me smile

02 Thanks Mom I will have a little brother

03 Come Along and Walk with Me

04 Gift

05 You make me fly

06 Appreciate your delicious food

07 The most beautiful guardians of “Heaven Road” Qinghai – Tibet Railway

08 Feel grateful to dance teacher’s love

09 The Season

10 First Time Landing of America

11 Grateful to have you in my life

12 Walking Into The Goat’s Mountain

13 Serving the Country

14 Peaceful

15 Lincoln Memorial in Dusk

16 Runaway

17 Live to the fullest

18  Gymnastic Squirrel

19 Sundail counts only sunny hours

20 Every tree is a flower

21 Have gratitude

22 Be with you

23 Father as a mountain

24 Father and son

25 Upbringing

26 Little One Appreciation

27 Spring’s Hope

28 Dads at Kids Concert

29 Appreciation

30 A party of three

31 Dew of spring

32 Elegy of fall

33 Butterfly of Summer

34 Appreciate Nature

35.Shades of fire

36.Tea time

37 Beautiful World

38 Beautiful Sunset

41 No name

42 No name

43 Look beyond

44 Shepherding the sheep

45 Happy Time

46 Horses Crossing  the River

47 Last paradise

48 Appreciation

49 Appreciation

50 Appreciate happy life

51 The sound of heart

52 Very happy

53 A Warm, Happy Family

54 A Time of Peace and Contentment

55 Eyes Full Of Love

56 Appreciation

57 Missing Is An Appreciation

58 A Mother’s Love

59 Mother nature

60 Sunset in the  the woods

61 African Boy

62 I want to fly

63 Loving Giving

64 Thanksgiving Dinner All Ready

65 Snow Owl Thankful for Nature’s Bath

66 Blue Headed Vire Thanksgiving Dinner

67 Catching splendid moments – first time shooting fireworks with Cary Chu’s help

68 Happy Farmer

69 Let me feed you, Papa

70 Wearing clothes

71 I am not picky

72 Full Harvest

73 Playing

74 Running

75 Return to motherland

76 Hugs to Grands

77 Retired Man

78 Friendship means so much

79 Sky is the limit

80 Afternoon on a golf court

81 Boy’s Sunset

82 Blessing

83 Hug

84 Color of Spring

85 Light through Darkness

86 To ride, to fly

87 Trust in light grow through dirt

88 Walking through life

89 My love for you is eternal

90 Happiness is just that simple

91 Spring is coming

92 Family Time

93 Genevieve and Gustav

94 A Beautiful Blessing in Cambodia

95 Support our Soldiers

96 One needs a companion at some point in life

97.The word Yes means a life time of love

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