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Happiness Photo Contest Final List

Happiness Photo Contest is organized by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Boston Chinese Photography Association. The following contains the photographs selected for the Happiness Photo Contest final round. The photos are listed in the order of submission time.


The details of the contest can be found here.

01 Happy Laughter 乐开怀
Photographer: Weiping Zhou

02 Warm Love 暖暖的爱
Photographer: Weiping Zhou

03 Happy Smile
Photographer: Yun Thwaits

04 Harmony
Photographer: Yun Thwaits

05 The Love with Action
Photographer: Lei Zhang

06 You Are Here
Photographer: Weidan Guo

07 Journey
Photographer: Lei Lu

08 Winter Wonderland
Photographer: Lei Lu

09 Happiness
Photographer: Mingwei Li

10 Happiness Is to Play with Water Freely
Photographer: YuhYun Li

11 Enjoy My Life
Photographer: Robert Chen

12 Together
Photographer: Jingwei Zhang

13 Happy Old Friends
Photographer: Daniel Tu

14 Minions
Photographer: Ziming Zheng

15 Happiness Is Indulging in Fragrance
Photographer: Yuping Zhang

16 The 4th Generation
Photographer: Yun Li

17 I Score
Photographer: Daryl Luk

18 Joyful Leaves
Photographer: Yuanwen Liu

19 The Swan and The Lake – Silent Morning Joy
Photographer: Guozhong Li

20 Golden Hour
Photographer: Dongxu Xia

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