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波士顿华人摄影协会 Boston Chinese Photography Association (BCPA) 成立于2009年8月,是一个经联邦注册的 501(c)(3) 非盈利组织。我们本着 “广集各界业余摄影爱好者,在活动中共同促进摄影兴趣,提高摄影技术,增强艺术表现和鉴赏能力” 的宗旨,定期组织活动,服务于大波士顿地区。活动内容包括:技术讲座、作品讲授、专题摄影、室内照像、旅游外拍等。协会对会员的年龄、性别、背景、经验、及所用摄影器材等均无限制,一概欢迎。会员每年注册一次。协会设会长一人,副会长一人,财务一人,常委七人。

Boston Chinese Photography Association (BCPA) was established in August 2009. It is now a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving its members in the greater Boston area. Our mission is to create a platform for our members to promote interest in photography, improve photography techniques , enhance artistic expression and art appreciation. We host regular activities that include lectures, technical seminars, special topic photography, studio photography, travel and outdoor photography. We welcome members regardless of age, gender, experience, or equipment. Members renew the membership annually. The organization is managed by a president, a vice president, a treasury, and seven Executive Committee (EC) members.

President 2018: Dongxu Shan單東旭
Vice President 2018: Weibo Zhang 張微波

President 2017: April Chai 柴锋
President 2016: Daryl Luk 陆德礼
President 2015: Guozhong Li 李国忠
President 2014: Mingwei Li 李明伟
President 2013: Daryl Luk 陆德礼
President 2012: Bo Yang 杨波
President 2009-2011: Maurice Chi 齐雅明

常委:李明伟,隋金良,柴鋒,张经纬,单东旭 ,張微波,田磊

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Our Forum: http://forum.thebcpa.org/ 

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