Appreciation Photo Contest Submissions

Appreciation Photo Contest is organized by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Boston Chinese Photography Association. The following contains the photographs submissions. The photos are listed in the order of submission time.


The details of the contest can be found here.

01 You make me smile

02 Thanks Mom I will have a little brother

03 Come Along and Walk with Me

04 Gift

05 You make me fly

06 Appreciate your delicious food

07 The most beautiful guardians of “Heaven Road” Qinghai – Tibet Railway

08 Feel grateful to dance teacher’s love

09 The Season

10 First Time Landing of America

11 Grateful to have you in my life

12 Walking Into The Goat’s Mountain

13 Serving the Country

14 Peaceful

15 Lincoln Memorial in Dusk

16 Runaway

17 Live to the fullest

18  Gymnastic Squirrel

19 Sundail counts only sunny hours

20 Every tree is a flower

21 Have gratitude

22 Be with you

23 Father as a mountain

24 Father and son

25 Upbringing

26 Little One Appreciation

27 Spring’s Hope

28 Dads at Kids Concert

29 Appreciation

30 A party of three

31 Dew of spring

32 Elegy of fall

33 Butterfly of Summer

34 Appreciate Nature

35.Shades of fire

36.Tea time

37 Beautiful World

38 Beautiful Sunset

41 No name

42 No name

43 Look beyond

44 Shepherding the sheep

45 Happy Time

46 Horses Crossing  the River

47 Last paradise

48 Appreciation

49 Appreciation

50 Appreciate happy life

51 The sound of heart

52 Very happy

53 A Warm, Happy Family

54 A Time of Peace and Contentment

55 Eyes Full Of Love

56 Appreciation

57 Missing Is An Appreciation

58 A Mother’s Love

59 Mother nature

60 Sunset in the  the woods

61 African Boy

62 I want to fly

63 Loving Giving

64 Thanksgiving Dinner All Ready

65 Snow Owl Thankful for Nature’s Bath

66 Blue Headed Vire Thanksgiving Dinner

67 Catching splendid moments – first time shooting fireworks with Cary Chu’s help

68 Happy Farmer

69 Let me feed you, Papa

70 Wearing clothes

71 I am not picky

72 Full Harvest

73 Playing

74 Running

75 Return to motherland

76 Hugs to Grands

77 Retired Man

78 Friendship means so much

79 Sky is the limit

80 Afternoon on a golf court

81 Boy’s Sunset

82 Blessing

83 Hug

84 Color of Spring

85 Light through Darkness

86 To ride, to fly

87 Trust in light grow through dirt

88 Walking through life

89 My love for you is eternal

90 Happiness is just that simple

91 Spring is coming

92 Family Time

93 Genevieve and Gustav

94 A Beautiful Blessing in Cambodia

95 Support our Soldiers

96 One needs a companion at some point in life

97.The word Yes means a life time of love


The idea of this collection is to demonstrate the wonderful work the photographers of Boston Chinese Photography Association (BCPA) have done in 2017. From landscape to street photography, from wildlife to portrait, those images not only capture the beautiful moment, but also show the great passion.

The “Favorite Photos of 2017” initiative is to collect and share our members’ favorite photos taken in 2017. Each participating member selects 1 or 2 photos from their 2017 collection to share. This portfolio showcases a total of 65 photos from 33 members.

BCPA was established in August 2009. It is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization serving its members in the greater Boston area. Our mission is to create a platform for our members to promote interest in photography, improve photography techniques, enhance artistic expression and art appreciation. We host regular activities that include lectures, technical seminars, special topic photography, studio photography, travel and outdoor photography. We welcome members regardless of age, gender, experience, or equipment.

摄影师:Kaibin Wu
拍摄地点:Wilmington, MA, USA
器材:iphone 7
后期:Lightroom turn to black & white

摄影师:Kaibin Wu
拍摄地点:Smith Colledge, MA, USA
器材:iphone 7
后期:PS filter to oil paint

摄影师:Le Min
照片标题:Time track
拍摄地点:Boston Aquarium
器材:IPhone X. PS: IPhone software and Snapseed
描述:长曝以显示游鱼轨迹, Overlap with a clear point picture. It shows past, present and the future.

摄影师:Le Min
照片标题:I believe I can fly
拍摄地点:Hull Beach
器材:D810, Lens: 14-24mm
描述:Landscape with model

摄影师:Yun Thwaits 夏耘
照片标题: Love in Winte 冬日的温暖
拍摄时间: 2017/12/23
拍摄地点:Boston, MA,USA
器材:iPhone X
简单描述: The Love birds reunited before Christmas after a year of separation. 在圣诞节前团聚的恋人,沉浸在重逢的快乐里。

摄影师:Yun Thwaits 夏耘
照片标题: Harmony 来,啵一个!
拍摄时间: 2017/06/07
拍摄地点: Iceland
器材:iPhone 7 Plus
简单描述: 这位男子正准备和马亲吻,马也积极配合,埸面动人,很好地表现了人与动物之间的亲密关系。尽量靠近,用特写的手法聚焦,用手机抓住了这最能表达人与动物亲密的瞬间。

照片标题: 夕阳下的吻
拍摄时间: 2017/10/24
器材及后期:Leica Q 28/f1.7 @28mm, ISO125, f8, 1/80, Elements13

照片标题: Good Morning, London
拍摄时间: 2017/07/04
器材及后期:Canon 5D4, EF16-35/f2.8 II @27mm, ISO100, f22, 1/10, 三脚架, DPP4

摄影师: Sheena Gu
照片标题: Cambridge Carnival Girls
拍摄时间: Time and location: Cambridge MA, Sept, 10 2017
器材: Nikon D3X, 28-70mm f2.8 @56mm, S 1/100, ISO 100
后期:Lightroom basic adjustment.
简单描述: What a color match for these two girls with their costumes and the lovely feather crown at Cambridge Carnival

摄影师:Sheena Gu
照片标题: Sunset at Lake Powell Overlook
拍摄时间及地点: June 10, 2017, Lake Powell Overlook, Page Arizona
器材: Nikon D3X, 28-70mm, f9.1@40mm, S 1/50, ISO 640
后期:Lightroom basic adjustment.
简单描述: Right after sunset, I arrived at Lake Powell Overlook, There are still few people there, enjoying the beautiful sky color over the Lake Powell. The tourists added the moment for this quite evening at Lake Powell Overlook.

摄影师:Robert chen
照片标题: Boston Fireworks.
器材及后期:Nikon D810 F: 11 S: 6″ ISO: 100 Lens: 24-70mm Photoshop.

摄影师:Robert chen
照片标题: Boston Sailing Festal.
器材及后期:Nikon D810 F:9 S:1/200 ISO:200 Lens:24-70mm Photoshop.

摄影师:Hui Wang
照片标题: Indestructible Dance of Peace
拍摄时间: 5/5/2017, Friday 10:29:39 AM
拍摄地点: Backyard of Greater Boston MA
器材: Canon EOS 5DS R;Focal Length: 65mm
参数:Shutter Speed: 1/200 sec;Aperture: f/3.5;ISO: 800
简单描述: In the damp morning with patchy drizzle on May 5th 2017, a dandelion wearing a velvet like dress, decorated with beautiful fine drops, who performed a ballet step just for me.

摄影师:Hui Wang
照片标题: Lotus in the Heavy Rain
拍摄时间: 7/24/2017, Monday 12:49:51 PM
拍摄地点: Whitman Boston MA
器材: Canon EOS 5DS R;Focal Length: 400mm
参数:Shutter Speed: 1/320 sec;Aperture: f/5.6;ISO: 400
简单描述: Petals of the lotus could not hold no more,

摄影师:Maurice Chi 齊雅明
照片标题: Night Scene 1
拍摄时间: Sept 2017
拍摄地点: Norway
参数:f/16, 8s, 28mm, ISO 1600

摄影师:Maurice Chi 齊雅明
照片标题: Night Scene 2
拍摄时间: Sept 2017
拍摄地点: Norway
参数:f/1.7, 5s, 28mm, ISO 800

照片标题: 海边的女孩
拍摄时间: 2017/9/9
拍摄地点: 中国粤西

摄影师:Cary Chu
照片标题: Snow day
拍摄时间: 2017-12-10
拍摄地点: Wollaston Golf Club, Randolph
器材:Canon EOS 5D Mark 4;EF16-35mm f/4L IS USM
参数:16mm ISO 200 1/400 sec at f10
简单描述: I shot this the morning right after a snow storm.

摄影师:Cary Chu
照片标题: Slow down
拍摄时间: 2017-3-5
拍摄地点: Harvard University, Cambridge
器材:Canon EOS 5D Mark 4;EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM
参数:105mm ISO 400 1/2500 sec at f7.1
简单描述: It took this picture around noon time. The sun was so bright. That was the walkway between the two buildings and it was a little dark compare to the outside. I increased the shutter speed and created a silhouette of the person.

摄影师:Dongling Su
照片标题: Swan Pond
拍摄时间: 10/28/2017
拍摄地点: Westborough, MA
器材:Canon 5D mark IV, EF100-400mm f/5.6
参数:100mm, ISO 1000, 1/1000, f5.6

摄影师:Dongling Su
照片标题: Morning at Stowe
拍摄时间: 10/19/2018
拍摄地点: Stowe, Vermont
器材:Canon 5D mark IV, 24-70mm f/2.8
参数:35mm, iso100, f11, 1/30, Tripod

摄影师:Jim Mei ( 梅健民)
照片标题: The vicissitudes of the years
拍摄时间: 2017/4
拍摄地点:Trres de Paine National Park Chile
器材:Canon 5D4 24-105mm
参数:ISO100 24mm f/4.5 1/200s

摄影师:Jim Mei ( 梅健民)
照片标题: Lotus
拍摄地点:Whitman MA
器材:Canon 5D4;100-400mm f/4.5-5.6

摄影师:Yauwu Tang湯耀武
拍摄地点:Redwood National Park, CA, USA
器材及参数:canon 6D/24-105mm f4.0, @30mm, ISO 250, f10, 1/40, 無三脚架,無闪光灯,cropped, 無Photoshop 后期
简单描述: 午後陽光中清綠的樹

摄影师:Yauwu Tang 湯耀武
照片标题: 飛奔的雲
拍摄时间: 2017/8/20
拍摄地点: Mount Hood, OR, USA
参数: canon 6D/24-105mm f4.0, @24mm, ISO 100, f11, 1/60,無三脚架,無闪光灯,cropped,
后期: Photoshop
描述: 飛雲從Mount Hood 射出

摄影师:Tingting Wu
拍摄时间: 8/29/2017
拍摄地点:Charles bridge in Prague Czech Republoc (布拉格查里大桥捷克)
器材:iPhone 6

摄影师:Tingting Wu
照片标题:City light in Budapest (布达佩斯城市之光)
拍摄时间: 8/22/2017
拍摄地点:Parliament of Budapest in Hungry,Fishman Bastion in Budapest.
器材:iPhone 6

拍摄时间: 2017年10月29日
拍摄地点:浙江 乌镇
器材:SONY 6300 镜头:德国 ZEISS F4 M16-70变焦镜头@ 60 mm
参数:光圈F6.3 速度 1/160秒;ISO100手持 JPEG 出片
后期: 增加了一点反差度和饱和度。

拍摄时间: 2017年10月27日
拍摄地点:山东 济南 红叶谷
器材:SONY 6300 镜头:德国 ZEISS F4 16-70mm变焦镜头 @ 70 mm
参数:光圈F9曝光 速度 1/125,秒ISO100手持 JPEG 出片
后期: 矫正水平。剪裁。增加了一点反差度和饱和度。

摄影师: Monica Tong
照片标题:The past is everywhere —A jew walking through the Jewish cemetery in Jerusalem.(橄欖山上)
拍摄时间:October, 23, 2017
器材:Canon Powershot SX 720HS
参数:Aperture: 6.3;ISO: 80;Shutter speed: 1/500
描述:When we face the Mount of Olives with the summit, covered the entire face of the hillside tomb, and surrounded by walls of the Old City of Jerusalem, who was immediately enveloped in a strange illusion: we are facing in the end heaven or earth?

摄影师:Monica Tong
照片标题:Rain and snow in the city of Boston.
拍摄时间:February , 07, 2017
器材:Fujifilm X100S
参数:Aperture: 5.6;ISO: 1000;Shutter speed: 1/30
描述:People of Boston celebrated Patriot’s Super Bowl victory in a rainy and snowy day in the heart of city.

照片标题:Garden of Eden
器材:Sony a99II Zeiss 16-36/2.8

照片标题:Sand Leaf
拍摄地点:Death Valley, California
器材:Sony a99II Sony70-400/4-5.6

器材和参数: Nikon D800/14-24mm f2.8 @24mm ISO200, f11, 1/200,unipod

拍摄地点:Rotorua,New Zealand
器材:Nikon D800/24-70mm
参数: f2.8 @24mm ISO400, f10, 1/1000

摄影师:Daryl Luk 陸德禮
拍摄时间:Jan 2, 2017
器材:Canon 5D3, EF24-105mm f/4L,
参数: 95mm, ISO 250, f4, 1/100, Photoshop
描述: In Cuba Havana, you can easily run into kids playing
soccer in the middle of a street, small team or big team, with or
without shoes, new or old soccer ball, it doesn’t matter. They still
have a lot of fun playing it.

摄影师:Daryl Luk 陸德禮
照片标题:Ponte Sant’Angelo over Tiber River
拍摄时间:July 5, 2017
器材:Canon 5D3, EF70-200mm f/2.8L
参数: @102mm, ISO 100, f32, 30 sec, Photoshop

摄影师:Eaden Huang (黄定國)
拍摄地点:Pine Park ,Melrose
器材:Canon EOS 5D SR 70-200 mm

摄影师:Eaden Huang (黄定國)
地点:Pine Park,Melrose
器材:Canon EOS 5D SR 70-200 mm

拍摄地点: newton, MA,USA
器材:佳能6D/24-105mm f4.0
参数:@50mm, ISO 100, f8, 1/160,Photoshop 后期
简单描述: 下午时光

拍摄地点: newton, MA,USA
器材:佳能6D/24-105mm f4.0
参数:@50mm, ISO 100, f8, 1/160,Photoshop 后期
简单描述: 下午时光

摄影师:Weibo Zhang
照片标题:A girl with blue umbrella
拍摄时间:May, 5, 2017
拍摄地点:Boston Public Library
器材:Sony a6300 mirrorless, 35mm,
参数:F/2.2, 1/125s, ISO 160
简单描述: A girl with blue umbrella stopped in front of McKim building of Boston Public Library. Her presence provided an interesting touch-up to the perfect symmetric Beaux Arts building.

摄影师:Weibo Zhang
照片标题:Golden Autumn
拍摄时间: Oct, 7, 2017
拍摄地点:Jenne Farm
器材:Canon 5D Mark iii,
参数:35mm, F/11, ISO 100
简单描述: Jenne Farm on Autumn time
后期:Photoshop HDR.

摄影师:Feng Chai
照片标题:The rhythm of leaves
拍摄时间: 2017/07/23
拍摄地点:Boston, MA
器材:Nikon D810/70-200mm f/2.8
参数:@200mm, ISO 200, f/5.6, 1/400

摄影师:Feng Chai
照片标题:The color of fall
拍摄时间: 2017/10/08
拍摄地点:Three Ponds, Vermont
器材:Cannon 5D Mark III/70-200mm f/2.8
参数:@200mm, ISO 1000, f/4.5, 1/200
后期:Photoshop adjustment

拍摄地点:Shrewsbury,MA, USA
器材:Sony A6000/18-200 f3.5-6.3
参数: @76mm, ISO 100, f9, 1/8

器材:Sony A6000/18-200 f3.5-6.3
参数:@18mm, ISO 100, f16, 1/100

摄影师:Jingwei Zhang
照片标题:Will Ye Go Lassie Go
拍摄时间:2017:08:13 18:31:42
拍摄地点:Prince Edwards island, Canada
器材:Nikon D800, Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 lens, Tripod,
参数:f22, 1/25 s, iso 640
简单描述: A young couple climbed on Tea Pot rock in the dust. I asked them to stay still and hug! They did and I captured this unforgettable moment.

摄影师:Jingwei Zhang
照片标题:Morning Has Awoken
拍摄时间:October 28, 2017, 7:20AM
拍摄地点:Wellesley College, MA
器材:Nikon D800, Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 lens, Tripod
参数:f6.3, 1/160 s, iso 140
简单描述:A foggy autumn morning at Waban lake in Wellesley College.

摄影师:Joan Xu 徐中
照片标题:Sideway of the Agra Fort
拍摄地点:Agra, India
器材:Sony ILCE-7 24-240mm
参数:@85mm, ISO 160, f8, 1/200 LR Crop & Fine tuning
简单描述:走出Agra Fort,在门口看着几只活泼的猴子向游客要食,猛然看见女子在几只狗的围绕下,走过旁边的小路。

摄影师:Joan Xu徐中
照片标题:Flying over the Denali(Mount McKinley)
拍摄地点: Alaska, US
器材:Canon 5D Mark IV 70-200mm f2.8
参数:@98mm, ISO 100, f9, 1/00 LR Crop & Fine tuning
简单描述:Denali 闻名遐迩的北美第一高山,海拔6190.5米。在游览车能够到达的最近处,巧遇几千只大雁飞越Denali主峰。

摄影师:MingWei Li
照片标题:Cape Cod 的晚霞
拍摄地点: Cape Cod
器材:Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
参数:F2, 85mm, 1/3200, ISO 125

摄影师:MingWei Li
器材:Canon EOS 5D Mark IV; EF16-35mm f/2.8L II USM
参数:f/8,35mm,1/640,ISO 250

摄影师:Lei Tian
照片标题:Swing at the End of the World
拍摄地点:Banos, Ecuador
器材和参数:Canon 6d, iso640, 32mm, f4, 1/800s, Photoshop 后期
简单描述:Swing on the top of mountain at the La Casa de Arbol with Volcano Tungurahua rumbling behind.

摄影师:Lei Tian
照片标题:Fishing for the Fall color
拍摄地点: Faconia Notch, NH
器材和参数: Canon 6d, iso250, 35mm, f4, 1/40,s,三脚架,Photoshop 后期
简单描述:又到满山秋色时,潭清鱼肥飞钓忙。 Time for foliage and brook trout fly fishing at the same time.

地点:Wellesley, MA,USA
器材和参数:Nikon D750/200-500mm f5.6, @290mm, ISO 110, f5.6, 1/100, 三脚架,Lightroom 后期

照片标题: Perce Rock
拍摄地点: Perce, Quebec,Canada
器材和参数:Nikon D750/14-24mm f2.8, @24mm, ISO 1000, f22, 1/10s, 三脚架, Lightroon 后期简单描述:朝霞里的Perce Rock

拍摄时间:10 月28日, 2017
拍摄地点:Millpod, Westborough, MA
器材和参数:Nikon D850/Nikon 600 mm F4 @ 600 mm, ISO 280, F5.6, 1/2000, Tripod, Lightroom processing, Photo is taken in early of the morning.

拍摄时间:12月17日, 2017
拍摄地点:Plum Island, MA
器材和参数:Nikon D850/Nikon 600 mm F4/1.4 TC @ 850 mm, ISO 320, F5.6, 1/1600, Tripod, Lightroom processing, Photo is taken in afternoon.

摄影师:Ziming Zheng
照片标题:Before the raining
拍摄时间:Aug 5, 2017
拍摄地点:Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park
器材和参数:Nikon D800 14-24mm f/2.8G 14mm/ƒ/5/1/60s/ISO 640
后期简单描述:Jordan Pond is famous in Acadia National Park. When I arrived there, the weather was not so good. It was windy and cloudy. I got one moment of peace before the raining.

摄影师:Ziming Zheng
照片标题:Dream in the morning
拍摄时间:Oct 28, 2017
拍摄地点: Wellesly College, MA
器材和参数:Nikon D800 85mm f/1.4G 85mm/ƒ/9/1/500s/ISO 200
后期简单描述:Beatiful sunrise on Wellesly College in foliage season. Love the mist, sunshine and the peace of nature.

摄影师:随金良 Jinliang Sui
照片标题:秋天的色彩 Fall Colors Colors_QR-2
拍摄地点: Nashua, NH
器材:Nikon D800E, 24mm, F8

摄影师:随金良 Jinliang Sui
照片标题:秋天的色彩 Fall Colors Colors_QR-4
拍摄地点:Nashua, NH
器材:Nikon D800E, 24mm, F8

摄影师:Sam Song
拍摄地点:Salt Flat, Bolivia
器材和参数:Niknon D800, 24-70mm, f2.8, ISO100

摄影师:Sam Song,
拍摄地点:Roger Willian Park RI
器材和参数:Nikon D800, 70-200mm, f2.8 @200mm, f2.8, ISO500