BCPA 2017 Annual Meeting

PhotographerCary Chu
Date: Dec 16
th, 2017
Reporter: Nancy Chen

We always say time flies. It is so true, especially for BCPA members with busy photographing schedules throughout the year in 2017.

Dec 16, 2017, it is a cold winter Saturday just like any other regular winter day at New England. Well it is a big day for BCPA. The members came together from all different towns meeting at Quincy. Once again, BCPA’s old friend and long-term sponsor, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care offered their conference room for BCPA to hold the 2017 Annual Meeting.

After taking a light and warm breakfast provided by Harvard Pilgrim (thanks to their sweet arrangement!), the current president of BCPA, Feng Chai started the meeting by announcing results of the “Happiness” photo contest. The contest was co-organized by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and BCPA back to October 2017.

Members actively submitted their pictures for the contest. After judges’ careful review and selection, nine winners received awards of various categories. Rose Hom, the Relationship Manager from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care presented the prizes.

(Rose Hom, Feng Chai, Jingwei Zhang and Daryl Luk with all winners)

What is happiness? Where and how do you find happiness? Do you ever ask these questions to yourself? I guess everyone would have different answers. Each winner uses their picture to illustrate their understanding of Happiness in their own ways, such as gorgeous landscape, happy moments between the grandma and the grandson, or emotional interaction between people and animal, etc.

The winner impressed everyone most is Yun Thwaits (Yun Xia), who just joined the BCPA earlier this year. Yun is capable of capturing something different and unique in the portraits taken with a cell phone. It’s not surprising that Yun received two awards from the Happiness contest, the 1st place of the Most Popular Picture as well as the 1st place of the Most Creative Picture. Well done, Yun Xia! We all are so proud of you!

(Yun Thwaits received two awards)

Surprisingly, we got a guest member showing up at the Annual Meeting. Yun Li, came all the way from New York State to receive her award, the 1st place of the Best Story Telling Picture. Not to mention she was even not a BCPA member yet. We appreciated Yun’s participation and being present at the Annual Meeting. Without any hesitation, she joined the BCPA membership right away in spite of her living so far away from MA. Welcome to the family, Yun Li!

(Yun Li receiving an award)

Afterward, as a tradition at the Annual Meeting, Cary Chu, the volunteered photographer at the Annual Meeting took a few nice pictures for the big BCPA family.

Save the best for the last, finally two Presidents gave speeches respectively.

The current President, Feng Chai summarized what BCPA have achieved in 2017. BCPA family grew so fast in the year of 2017 with more than 50 new members joining the family. With Feng Chai’s great leadership plus the strong commitments and dedication made by key Executive Members of BCPA, so many interesting photography seminars, workshops and photography outings were organized in the year. In addition, Feng Chai shared a list of members who made donation to BCPA either from their companies, or on their own. We all gave a big round of applause to all of them for their commitment, dedication and contribution.

The new President, Dongxu Shan firstly wrapped up what the current service committee has done in 2017 with sincere appreciation to them on all members’ behalf. Then Dongxu made a wonderful presentation about the detailed plan of 2018, including but not limited to various photography workshops, photography outing at least once a month, rerun the “365: one picture a day” project, quarterly Photography with Themes project, etc. Meanwhile, Dongxu announced the new team of volunteers to serve BCPA in 2018.

(Dongxu Shan presented a reward to Feng Chai for her excellent service as BCPA’s President in 2017)

I like the slogan that Dongxu used at the beginning of his presentation, which I believe is an operating strategy that BCPA followed and maintained from Day 1 – Carrying Forward the Tradition, Developing and Growing, Giving back to the Community (继承传统,开拓发展,奉献社区)!

Fun part of the meeting started when the raffle kicked off. A few of Executive Members kindly donated their personal photography equipment to support the raffle event.

(Feng Chai & Jingwei Zhang conducting the raffle event)

With that going on, Lei Tian made a detailed presentation to share his unique experience of Burning Man Festival. This summer Lei Tian took an eight-day trip at the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, witnessing a complete process of creating and destroying a non-existing city in the desert.

Obviously Lei Tian spent quite a lot of time preparing the presentation. He explained the history of the Burning Man Festival, logistic planning of the trip, Do’s and Don’ts during the trip, etc. Lei Tian’s vivid introduction generated quite a lot of members’ strong interest.

(Lei Tian sharing his fun stories at the Burning Man Festival)

Yes, time does fly. A half day meeting definitely is not long enough for us to talk about everything happened in 2017 and what is going to happen in 2018.

Looking back, BCPA had a wonderful year with everyone’s passion and support. Looking forward, no doubt it will be another brilliant year for BCPA in 2018!

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