BCPA 2017 Foliage Photowalk, Vermont

Photographer:Guozhong Li
Date: Oct 6th-7th, 2017
Reporter: Dongxu Shan

Staying at the center of New England, the beautiful fall foliage is nature’s gift to BCPA members. As a tradition, BCPA organized 2017 foliage photowalk in Vermont October 6th to 7th. It is a most popular photowalk of BCBA, totally more than 40 photographers participated.

(Feng Chai/BCPA)

(Daryl Luk/BCPA)

(Feng Chai/BCPA)

The lead organizer Guozhong Li had detailed route and accommodation planning. Due to the large size of the participants, the entire group was divided into 3 action teams, Eagle Team, Rum Team and Dinner Gone team and each team had 3-4 cars. The provided members had flexibility in planning and agility in action. The team was organized with the mix of experienced and less experienced photographers. Each team member not only had opportunity to learn/exchange in large group session, also had unique/personalized experience in their individual group activities.

After the photowalk, each team also summarized their individual route and photo spots into documents to share with BCPA members and general public, for their convenience to prepare trips to Vermont in coming years

Sub-team’s route and photo spots:

Eagle Team’s photowalk route (credit to Guozhong Li)
Eagle team in action:

(Yun Xia/BCPA)

(Weibo Zhang/BCPA)

(Lei Zhang/BCPA)

Rum Team’s photowalk route (credit to Lei Tian)
Rum team in action:

(Hui Wang/BCPA)

(Hui Wang/BCPA)

(Lei Tian/BCPA)

Dinner Gone Team’s photowalk route (credit to Daryl Luk)

Dinner Gone team in action:

(Dongxu Shan/BCPA)

(Suyun Ding/BCPA)

(Daryl Luk/BCPA)

Group picture of partial members in photowalk at Jenne Farm, Vermont: (Guozhong Li/BCPA)

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